Monday, 21 September 2015

Welcome to the page.

Greetings and warm salutations, welcome to the inaugural post of Retro Reviews. As you can see from the basic and wildly off target layout of the page there is work to be done. Work that will hopefully see this page transform into a safe and comfortable home where one can read about comics, science fiction, films and the various ephemera that are often categorised as geeky or nerdy interests and pursuits. Worry not this will be a place free from judgement where anyone and everyone is welcome to comment and debate upon any subject or article as they desire.

Retro is defined as:
1- retroactive
2- of or designating the style of an earlier time.
It is a term that is often now used as a prefix applied to something a little old fashioned or from the past., perhaps a little erroneous but the word serves my purpose her. I will, indeed, be offeeing reviews on comics, books and films from the corridors of history. Trawling through that vast ocean of time that has passed and passing comment on the fish that I find. The idea came to me when I was at my local comic shop, buying the classic and timeless Sandman series. Had it not been for the friendly man who runs the shop, I would of had little insight into what I was buying. Now in this case I wouldn't of needed insight to read this seminal work, but that isn't always true and reviews of things several years old are often hard to come by; in true cliche form, Retro Reviews was born.
Though worry not, if you have come here looking for reviews of modern or upcoming works there is a place for you too, I will not exclusively looking into the past but at our esoteric passion as a whole. So there will be reviews of new and ongoing series. So if you have any ideas, or are a comics publisher looking to have your work reviewed, then please do get in touch. In the meanwhile I'm working on something to make this place a little more, homely.

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