Monday, 15 February 2016

Review: Freelance Blues #1

Story: Ian Daffern, Mike Leone
Art: Vicki Tierney
Cover Art: Michael Del Mundo
Publisher: Alterna Comics
Released: February 27th 2016

There's something about Freelance Blues that resonates with me. It's the story of luckless Lance who no matter what, ends up working for grievous, evil scallywags, the kind bent of world domination, when all he wants is to earn enough to pay the bills.
It's quite relatable to most of the population, metaphorically anyway. Who hasn't though of their bosses as cruel, supernatural, monsters at some point and in that respect, Daffern, Leone and Tierney have struck gold with their subject matter; because you can't help but empathise with Lance. That makes Freelance Blues engrossing from start to it's (slightly predictable but emotionally gut punching) ending. 
Daffern and Leone have produced a script that is engaging and keeps the story moving at a nice pace, throwing in a few twists and turns that keep your interest. The dialogue is sharp, snappy and when coupled with Tierney's fantastic art, gives a clear well rounded feel to the characters, allowing you to empathise with Lance's struggle further. 
I'm not sure how to describe Tierney's art without being reductive. It isn't hyper-detailed, but it isn't simplistic, it has a cartoonish feel, but couldn't fit more perfectly into this comic. Really she has found a sweet spot between the spaces and her consistent artwork truly revels in it. Some excellent and unconventional panels showcase her talents and it's nice to see someone steer away from stereotypes, and highlights how good a story teller she is.
Alterna Comics continue to up the ante with their releases and Freelance Blues #1 is an excellent start to the series, with great art, interesting and engaging characters and plot, with a great hook at the end to pique your curiosity for what's to follow. It's released this Wednesday and is strongly recommend you adding it to your pull list. 

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