Saturday, 28 November 2015

Review: Mother Russia

Story and Art: Jeff McComsey
Publisher: Alterna Comics (FUBAR Press)
Release date: 18th November 2015

Now I'm a little slow off the mark here. This book has been out for over a week and I am lax in writing the review, so many of you, I'm sure, have already picked it up and know how fantastic it is. 

The premise alone is like a curiosity sucking black hole that draws you inescapably towards its call. It's the zombie apocalypse. A lone soviet sniper, alone in Stalingrad in 1943, stumbles across something rather unexpected, a two year old child, walking amongst the undead horde. Action and excitement ensures. 
It's a gripping concept.

McComsey tells the story with passion and conviction. Stalingrad during the Second World War was a meat grinder, as explicitly outlined in the introduction. Stories set against the back drop of the horrors of war run the risk of losing their impact and impetus, but Mother Russia doesn't suffer this issue. McComsey takes the terrible setting and makes it all the more horrifying, but all the more intriguing.
The story is moves along at lightning pace, leaving us as readers little time catch our breath. Layers of suspense are continually added, and I found myself turning pages faster and faster in anticipation of the climactic ending. 

McComsey is a supreme talent, both writing and illustrating this tour de force. The artwork is remarkable, the panels are consistent and fluid, showing a creator in tune with the story he wants to tell. There's some interesting panel choices and plenty of variety which helps to maintain your attention and keeps you turning the pages over.

I loved this book, I always try to write reviews based on how a book makes me feel, what it means to me during the time that the book and I connect on that special level. This book made me feel sad, happy and brought a smile to my face. It's not uplifting in the usual way, but it is a compelling read nonetheless.
If you haven't already, get on comixology or Amazon and order yourself one. My print copy has already been dispatched by the online giant. What are you waiting for?

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