Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Review: Novo AnniverSERIES edition

Written and artist: Michael S Bracco
Publisher: Alterna Comics
Released: 11th November 2015

Novo is a great book, it was when it was initially released back in 2008 and this edition just reinforces the fact that it still is. 
This edition is basically just the first chapter of the first volume, serving as an introduction or jumping on point for new readers, leaving them salivating for more.

On the surface of things Novo is the tale of a child of two worlds, torn between both. It's quite a compelling story and is told well by Bracco, who both writes and illustrates the book. I'm unsure whether his dual creative input is why the characters and world is so lovingly crafted, but you do get the sense that he inhabited the world while creating it. From page one, panel one, Novo is a instantaneously likeable protagonist, filled with innocence, but gilt with underlying bravery. You cannot help but be drawn into his plight and root for him quite vocally. 
Bracco's writing is skilful and he weaves a rich, inviting mythology into the script, that makes you desperate to uncover the mystery, I found myself finishing this special edition, then going back to find my original so I could continue reading, to continue delving into the adventure with Novo. 
His artwork is also eye catching and salient. He creates interesting characters and draws them with consistency. They are inventive, fun and varied. The scenery and backdrop is as much a character throughout and there are some truly beautiful and detailed backdrops that you shouldn't overlook. Whilst pouring over the pages you can see that the blueprint of this fantastic world Bracco has created is laid out in wonderful realisation before you. 
The only real drawback for me is that Bracco maybe could of used some more interesting panel layouts, there are some pages that are a little formulaic, but to be fair I'm being pretty pedantic with this.

It also has to be said that this editon is lacking a little in bonus content, for a AnniverSERIES editon it would of been nice to see maybe some scripts or alternate covers, but hopefully it will get a blank cover edition along with some of Alterna's other titles, which I would snap up straight away and doodle to my hearts content. 
It's a fitting addition to Alterna's celebrations, as Novo has been a popular title for them. 
The AnniverSERIES collection are special editions of Alterna's popular titles that celebrate their ten years as an independent publisher. They're perfect jumping on points for people who are nature, and great to add to collections for fans. Particularly when this editon is available on comixology for 99 cents (exchange rates mean variable price for UK residents), you can't really go wrong. 
This is a wonderful and inviting series that I can't really do justice to. This edition is well worth a go, but then so is going back to the start and getting all of the volumes.
So get to comixology for the digital editon as soon as you can, released on 11/11/15

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