Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Review: Trespasser #2

Story: Justin M. Ryan
Art: Kristian Rossi
Letters: DC Hopkins
Publisher: Alterna Comics
Released: April 13th 2016

A terrifying and brilliant new chapter in one of my favourite current releases from Alterna Comics. For me,  Ryan and Rossi are fast earning the moniker 'dream team' when it comes to Tresspasser. Issue one took and interesting concept and laced it with mystery, suspense and intrigue. This next issue turns it all the way up to eleven and continues some of the best work in comics that I've come across. 
Now I don't want to give away any spoilers so I'll do my upmost to be brief. This issues sees Hector and his daughter catch their breath and try to return to 'normal' after their ordeal. However it's not long until strange nocturnal events mean they are in for the night of their lives. 
The writing is stellar, Ryan had laced suspense through out the issue, to the point where I began to have palpitations and a cold sweat. Now there is a propensity in some comics to bombard the reader with a lot of exposition, I've just read an issue from a certain 'big' publisher that does so. I don't like this, I think that it shows an assumption that reader is too slow to follow the story. You should never make the assumption that your reader is any less intelligent that you are. Ryan doesn't, he is a natural storyteller, pacing the story well and layering new information about the story, the characters and the premise throughout. It seems he leaves subtle hints to allow the reader to draw conclusions and learn at their own pace too. This all helps to build up the furore of suspense, in fact so much so that I had to backtrack over issue 1 to try and see if there were clues I had previously missed. Rossi is the mirror image with his artwork. There are numerous great artists out there, but great art doesn't always translate well into comics, not if one can't tell the story. Well Rossi is a great artist and storyteller, the kind that is so good it makes you jealous of his talents. Moody atmospheric pages add to suspense that creeps in from the the outside, really it's a terrifying experience and exemplary work to many artists out there. 
This whole issue is a wonderfully intriguing horror romp that weaves elements of sci-fi into its web. I really can't praise it enough, get yourself out there and get reading it. It's available on comixology from 13th April. If you haven't read issue 1 yet, then stop being daft and catch up. 

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