Friday, 29 April 2016

Review: Freelance Blues #3

Writers: Ian Daffern, Mike Leone
Art: Vicki Tierney
Cover: Stephen Sayer
Publisher: Alterna Comics
Released: April 27th 2016

This week saw another chapter in the sterling Freelance Blues from Alterna Comics. Daffern, Leone and Tierney have once again crafted an exciting and intriguing adventure for Lance, hitting it right out of the park.
The story continues with Lance on the road, embroiled in some magical, mischievous goings on that are, quite frankly, very entertaining.
Daffern and Leone perpetually craft a well written, well paced script that keeps you hooked. Lance is an easy to like character, in fact all the characters are fleshed out and believable, really allowing you to switch on your empathy.
Tierney's art is wonderful. There are amazing snapshots of art in comics, amazing splash pages, beatifically spreads, that's great, but they don't always tell the story. Tierney can do all this whilst being an incredible storyteller. Her art in this issue is exemplary and should serve as a lesson to aspiring artists out there, as well as being a feast for the readers eyes. 
There always a danger at this point in a story arc for the plot to begin to stagnate, Daffern and Leone introduce some new elements and intrigue to ensure that doesn't happen. So this issue keeps you well and truly hooked. 
This was a fantastic and exciting issue to read, I know it's been out a while now but if you haven't already read it, do yourself a favour and get involved. 

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