Friday, 13 May 2016

Review: Raygun #2

Writer: Gregory Schoen
Pencils and cover: Alonso Molina
Inks and letters: Paulo Lopez
Publisher: Alterna Comics
Release date: May 11th 2016

I've had a pretty rough week. Which is a tremendous shame as it started out with such promise, waking up Monday morning with the review copy of Raygun #2 waiting for me in my Dropbox, that put a smile on my face, though time quickly used its icy fingers to manipulate that smile into something more macabre. What with work, people, relationships and life the week got a little worse. Finally I wrestled a few minutes back from Father Time, that cold tosspot, and I used them to finally read this issue of Raygun, and well a bit of light got let back into my week. 

Schoen, Molina and Lopez have crafted anything brilliant issue rife with actin, conspiracy and intrigue. This is actually one of the best written comics I've read in a while, the script is well paced and is imbued with that quality that makes you want to keep reading. Snappy dialogue and well thought out characters don't hurt your enjoyment at all, Matthew is everyone you want from a protagonist, a little conflicted and edged, but ultimately can illicit sympathy from the reader-put shortly he's just likeable. 
I've said before that the artwork is a little reminiscent of a manga style, and I stand by that, but it's gorgeous nonetheless, every panel is exquisite and filled with detail, no space is wasted in telling the story. This is a shining example of the effect that comics can have, of how they can affect our lives. Shining rays of light penetrating the mundane gloom. This review is a little shorter than some of the others, but really it is more of a thank you than a review. Thank you messers Schoen, Molina and Lopez for writing this comic, it gave me a smile in a week filled with frowns.
If you aren't already involved in this series then make that change and get out there, get a copy and enjoy.

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