Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Review: Trespasser #3

Story: Justin M. Ryan
Art: Kristian Rossi
Letters: DC Hopkins
Publisher: Alterna Comics
Release date: June 15th 2016

The only problem with Trespasser is that after I've finished reading an issue, I have to wait for the next one. So I've been waiting for what feels like too long for today, and it didn't disappoint.

After the events and issue 2 and with the cover as enticing as it is, I was expecting this issue to be based a lot more on our science fiction extra terrestrial friends. However the focus of this issue is on the building anxieties in the house, the tension builds as things go from bad to worse. Ryan is a master craftsman, friction is woven into the script and as you read, the tension builds in you too, your heart begins to race and sweat beads on your forehead, it really makes reading quite the experience. Rossi's art once again is a fantastic spectacle to behold, it is moody and atmospheric and a master example of storytelling at its finest.
This issue is a study in character and relationships, to me that seems to be what trespasser is about, the dynamic between man and daughter. Ryan has a wonderful grasp of his characters and you can feel the personality behind each one, their spirit crackles on the page.

I cannot praise Trespasser enough, so be sure to believe the hype and get involved with a wonderful series that I really cannot do enough to praise.

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